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Direct Mail…
Savvy business owners have been using it for decades… and with good reason…
… It WORKS! 

In these days of the Internet, marketing by “snail mail” is NOT dead. In fact, web technologies have even ENHANCED its effectiveness.

Why is Direct Mail Advertising Such a Great Solution?

Helps with Online Marketing

  • It can be a means of getting prospects to a webpage. Once online, they may sign up for a newsletter, opt-in to a mailing list, or even buy online directly.


  • Not everyone constantly browses the Internet, watches TV all the time, or even subscribes to a newspaper. But many will open an envelope containing a sales letter, mailer, or view a magazine delivered by the U.S. Postal Service. To be virtually certain to reach every household in a given community, professional mail services is the path you’ll have to take.

Lower Competition

  • Think about all those dozens, even hundreds, of advertisements delivered to your email inbox, those pop-ups online, or ads you see on TV or hear on the radio. How many other messages are in competition with the one you want to send?Then consider your mailbox and just how many pieces enter into it daily. The competition is drastically less when it comes to direct mail solutions/professional mail services.

Target Your Audience

  • With direct mail solutions, you can take aim at those parties most likely to offer a response. Using regular USPS mail, you can truly hit the bullseye through targeted mailing based on demographics.

Extended Shelf Life

  • How many times a day do you hit the “Delete” button when going through your email? With professional mail services, consumers will typically hang on to your mail for sometime, and sometimes even share it with family and friends. And very often, it will be placed in a prominent position on one’s refrigerator!

In this day and age, marketing by way of old-fashioned “snail mail” is just as effective as ever… if not more so!

But – there’s a BIG PROBLEM
Running a direct mail marketing campaign can be a DAUNTING TASK!

Professional mail services require dealing with many different vendors.

You’ll need…

      • Someone to plan the campaign
      • A writer to develop the message
      • A graphic designer to create the letterhead, postcard, brochure, catalog, or flyer
      • A commercial printing service to create the mailing pieces
      • A direct mailing service to do the actual mailing

Do you find yourself thinking “There’s GOT to be an easier way”?

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Professional Mail Services: All-in-One Solution


There’s NO NEED to work with 4 -5 different companies. When you work with Borns Group, WE DO IT ALL!

    • Plan your campaign
    • Develop your message
    • Take care of your graphic design needs
    • Print the mailing pieces
    • Take care of the mailing


#1 Mistake You Must Avoid When Doing a Direct Mail Campaign

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With all successfully incorporated into the promotion, the right message was received by the right audience at the right time leading to what our credit union considered to be the right outcome. Continue Reading

Alisha Vice President – Marketing June 15, 2016

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Campaign Planning

Aside from providing superior services, we are also able to impart valuable advice regarding marketing strategies. We provide the resources and information that can help you achieve your goals. We have worked with all types of businesses to develop successful mailing campaigns.
Whether direct marketing B2C, B2B, or direct mail fundraising, Borns Group can help you plan and develop your campaign, working closely with you to reach your audience and help build your brand.


Graphic Design

Brand identity is closely linked to visual symbolism. Excellent graphic design is required in all campaigns to catch the attention of potential customers. Catchy images make it easier to connect with readers and gain their confidence. Our graphic design professionals will understand your business and use that knowledge to present you to the world in a captivating way. The designs will set you apart from the crowd. Whatever your graphic design needs...


Commercial Printing

We’ll ensure that your printed materials will make a great impression. We’ll create custom designs that are suitable to the campaign and the products that paint your brand in a good light. Our printing services are capable of variable data and other special needs. These will serve your direct mail projects really well. We also use top of the line equipment that’s capable of handling high volume and complex jobs. We have the ability to handle ...


Direct Mail Solutions

Great marketing companies know how to coordinate everything from design to printing to delivery in a way that is efficient and economical. The targeted mailings will reach their intended destinations on time and in good condition. Response rate will increase as a result. Marketing should be strategic. We recognize that we must not only produce materials which are nice to look at, but that deliver the goals as well.