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What does Borns Group offer in the way of marketing services?

We provide custom promotional items and graphic design services as well as strategic guidance on planning and executing successful marketing campaigns. See our Marketing page for more details.


What types of products can Borns Group print?

We deliver a variety of printed products, including personalized letterhead, flyers, postcards, brochures, sell sheets, booklets, business cards, rack cards, statements and much more.

How do I know if four-color offset printing or digital printing is right for my project?

Borns Group offers both of these options and can help you choose the one that's right for you. In general, we use offset printing for larger orders and digital printing for smaller orders. But there are other considerations as well, such as desired image quality and turnaround time. Learn more.


What is the role of direct mail marketing today?

The rise of digital marketing hasn't rendered direct mail useless. Far from it. In fact, direct mail is the perfect complement to digital tactics like email marketing and online advertising. At Borns Group, we believe direct mail remains an effective way to present customers and desirable prospects with customized, relevant and actionable offers.

What are the advantages of direct mail?

Here are a few of the most important:

  • Impact: Consumers are inundated with digital advertisements every day and thus inclined to tune them out. Direct mail is something tangible that consumers are more likely to scan and recall.

  • Affordability: Especially when done in bulk, sending direct mail is relatively inexpensive. With our in-depth knowledge of postal regulations, requirements and certifications, Borns Group can advise you on how to optimize cost efficiency.

  • Audience targeting: Yes, emails and digital ads can be targeted. But direct mail allows for even greater precision, such as through saturation methods.

  • Metrics: It's easy to send test batches and measure response rates (including through split testing).

What direct mail services does Borns Group offer?

We handle all aspects of direct mail campaigns, including marketing advice, designing mailing pieces, printing mailing pieces, supplying mailing lists and distributing mailing pieces.

Does Borns Group handle statement processing?

Yes, we do. In fact, some of our clients mail over 25,000 invoices a day, so we are highly experienced with statement processing. By assisting your business with combining statements and selective inserting, we can help you realize postage savings of up to 25%. Learn more.

Can Borns Group assist with political mail?

Yes, we have worked with a number of political campaigns over the past three decades. Of special note, we can secure voting lists and help your campaign receive discounted pricing on mailings. Plus, Borns Group appreciates the importance of fast turnarounds during political campaigns and excels in accommodating very tight deadlines. Learn more.

Can Borns Group assist with targeted mail?

Yes, we can. Targeted mail improves the cost-efficiency of your direct mail efforts by leveraging detailed consumer data to reach only those consumers who meet specific criteria. Learn more.

What is saturation mail?

Saturation mail refers to the tactic of selecting a specific area and targeting all households in that geography. As long as the mail is sent out in bulk, it usually gives you a lower postage rate compared with other mailing options.
Learn more.


Does Borns Group have non-profit clients?

Through Borns Group/VDM, our non-profit fundraising division, we work with healthcare, higher education, animal rescue, community service and other non-profit organizations around the country. We have a long track record of helping non-profit clients build loyal donor relationships, ensuring donors feel connected and motivated to support your mission.

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