paying utilities - STATEMENT PROCESSING
Transactional mail requires 100% accuracy and flexible schedules to meet a clients’ billing and communication requirements. Borns Group understands this and provides same day turnaround. 100% accuracy begins with 100% honesty. We are committed to achieving your deadlines and working with you to establish a manageable timeline.

We understand how billing systems work and we accommodate our clients rather than expecting they will accommodate us. Our skilled staff of transactional mail designers along with our specialized software can take your raw data and create statements that can be more informative than what your billing software is capable of producing. Your customers will appreciate a more informative, better-looking statement. We can presort and barcode the file to reduce postage costs and produce audit reports without any effort from you.

  • Our output solution provides an option for print or for email distribution.
  • Our audit process ensures 100% accuracy and we can provide you with a PDF archive of exactly what bills were printed and mailed.
  • Our data processing tools can handle multiple different data formats that your system can create and if for some reason we come across something we can’t, we will work with your current billing software vendor to find an immediate fix. We know every statement is different and we will develop a solution tailored to your needs.
  • Our intelligent inserters with camera technology can handle single page or multiple page documents with 100% accuracy, into a 6 x 9, DG1, #10 Window or #10 none window with 100% name matching accuracy every time. If it cannot be run on our inserters our hand line fulfilment specialists can handle inserting into any other envelope you desire, providing you with multiple options for your mailing piece.

Borns Group processes statements for variety of Utilities that use many different software’s. We do statements for Utilities that are 2500 once a month to clients that mail out 25,000 per day! We do have some unique software that we can combine statements and do selective inserting. Combining statements is if you have a customer that has multiple location and the same mailing address. We can put all those statements in the same envelope to save postage. We have seen from past clients that they normally see a 22% reduction in postage. Also our software allows us to do selective inserting, if you have customers that have auto pay for example we will not put in a return envelope. You can also do selective inserting for inserts, maybe you only want to target your water customers for example we would only put the insert in the water customers and not the other statements. Also we can provide back to you a PDF archive of every bill that goes out. Allot of our clients use the archive for their customer care center for when customers call in with questions on their statement.