News from Borns Group

1.    In January 2017, USPS Standard Mail or 3rd Class will undergo a name change and be rebranded as USPS Marketing Mail. It is expected that this name change will better communicate to mailers how this mail class can be used.  Standard Mail is on the rise, and it can work with and increase your response rates for your current marketing program.   For example your organization might have a telemarketing campaign.  At Borns Group we can develop a Direct Mail program to work and increase with your telemarketing campaign response rates.  Give Borns Group a call today.

2.    At Borns Group we have just added a RISO ComColor X1 7150 envelope printer.  This will now us the flexibility to print up to 4 color and variable 4 color envelopes.  This printer will also give us the capability to adding full bleeds to envelopes up 10×13.  Borns Group is very excited to be adding this piece of equipment to complement our client needs.    Give Borns Group a call today!

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