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Businesses large, small and in between use offline marketing to build their brand awareness in their communities or all the way around the world. Offline strategies can be used by businesses of any size, small locally owned storefronts in smaller communities to the largest brands in the world. Businesses that Borns Group has worked closely with to develop successful offline marketing strategies fit all kinds of different profiles, like:

> Small Locally Owned Businesses – Smaller Businesses that strive to provide products or services to their local community that they are proud to be a part of and contribute back to. Businesses like local restaurants, salons, flower shops, construction companies, photography studios and many more can see great ROI with strategically placed ads in local papers or highly targeted direct mail pieces to reach their ideal audience in their servicing area.

> Mid-Sized Regional Businesses – Businesses with a wider customer base that reach out to metropolitan areas or specific geographic regions. Grocery store chains, larger construction companies, retail stores and automotive dealers among others are businesses that build brand awareness through traditional advertising. Billboards, radio advertisements, targeted postcard and direct mail campaigns can be used to spread the word and build credibility.

> Major National Businesses – Corporations with no need for introduction and mass brand awareness. Walmart, Apple, Starbucks, Google, McDonalds – this is a fraction of the major corporations that use offline marketing channels to keep their presence known through national marketing campaigns. These corporations campaigns all focus on high-frequency placement and brand awareness.

Marketing Strategies

Before the Internet, the basic intentions of the promotional material and ad campaigns of any offline marketing strategies was to get people to come into your store or business. Now with the internet and social media we have all had to learn that offline marketing is still the same but with a slightly different result. To use offline marketing successfully now is with the intention to increase online traffic, overall sales, and profits. There are a number of different strategies businesses can use to achieve this, including:

> Direct Mail – One of the most commonly used mediums in offline marketing campaigns. Borns Group can purchase a mailing list based on almost anything you can think of to identify the people that are most likely to purchase your products or services. For example a large clothing store franchise may want to order lists that are of families with two or more kids between the ages of 12 and 17 with a combined income of over $100,000 within a range of zip codes.

> Online Discount – One way to drive customers to your company’s website is to offer exclusive online coupons through your direct mail postcard, self-mailer or flier. Department stores, retail stores, and many other companies offer online discounts based off a code or QR code in the advertising piece that you have to enter on the website, this discount is not useful unless they go to your website.

> Discount Pricing – Another way companies use to get customers to their website is offering online coupons. Department stores, grocery stores and lots of other businesses advertise their products and services in newspapers, advertising inserts, fliers, postcards or direct mail. Instead of including the coupons in the ads, the ads instruct customers to go to their website and print coupons from there, if they want a discount then they will have to go to the website. Now stores are taking this one step further and allowing customers to download apps to their smartphones and signing up for their discount pricing programs and all the customer has to do is hold their phone up at checkout and the cashier will scan the coupon.

> Loyalty Programs – Building repeat customers is always on a business’s mind, one-way businesses of all sizes are doing this is through offline loyalty programs. These programs encourage the customers to visit more often. For example, a gas station rewards customers with a free car wash with so many gallons of gas purchased. Or a sandwich shop offers your tenth sandwich free.