How Commercial Printing Services Can Help You Rebrand

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Branding can make or break any business. If a company does not adopt a consistent branding image, then whatever image they were going for will probably get lost in obscurity. When it comes to rebranding, companies should pay extra attention to the steps involved.

But when is it time to rebrand, and what is involved? Good design can help all branding and rebranding efforts. In this article, we will examine rebranding and commercial printing services.

Stability vs. Innovation

Sooner or later all companies need rebranding. Even if a brand is recognizable and stable, the market will keep shifting until it eventually becomes obsolete.

Rebranding is one of the most ambitious and technically complex branding strategies that involve so much more than just a new name. A rebranding project will aim to increase conversion, boost visibility and highlight a new positioning in the market.

For example, a company may seek rebranding after an ambitious M&A that expanded its scope and offerings. Other companies might undergo rebranding to reverse a declining trend in demand. Rebranding helps showcase existing products and services under a new light.

Commercial Printing Services and the Power of Professionalism

At the core of any rebranding effort lies a strong, consistent brand image. Corporate identity relies on a number of factors, including:

  • Professional logo
  • Fresh theme
  • Engaging business stationary
  • Attractive signage and branding collateral.

All the above are crucially important for branding purposes.

There are numerous considerations that go into professional rebranding. A marketing department or third party marketing provider will be able to deal with most of the logistics. However, for the technical aspects of rebranding, companies must partner with a trusted commercial printing services provider.

An efficient brand image will convey familiarity and innovation, boosting brand recognition. Companies eventually outgrow their brand identity, and market goals tend to shift with time.

Professional printing services can assist in every step of rebranding. This includes:

  • New logo design
  • Consistent new business stationery
  • Updated product packaging
  • New color themes
  • Additional marketing segmentation to target new demographics
  • Adaptive branding to a shifting market
  • Updated signage (including banners, interior signage, car signage, mobile signage and more)
  • Updated online assets (official website, social media, eCommerce storefront and more)

It’s obvious that small- and medium-sized companies can’t hope to achieve the above internally. This is where commercial printing services come in handy.

Partial Rebranding and Complete Rebranding

Rebranding can be as extensive as a company needs it to be. It can range from changing the packaging and name of a single product to a complete overhaul of a company’s entire branding image.

Successful rebranding means finding and fixing underlying issues. It is important to be proactive and refresh a brand before it’s too late.

Existing companies might require a complete brand makeover, which is technically ambitious. Emerging businesses will focus on rebranding specific aspects of their corporate identity.

Companies of all shapes and sizes will seek to fine-tune their performance in the market. Rebranding can be done directly on individual products and existing signage. Rebranding efforts may also include online efforts through the official website and social media.

Proactive Rebranding

The typical lifespan of a lifespan of a brand identity is between five to seven years, after which the branding image begins to lose its steam to competitors. Companies that seek to remain relevant and grow in the long term should invest in periodic rebranding.

It’s true that internal marketing teams might be able to leverage an existing brand to the maximum.

However, commercial printing services providers are in touch with changing trends. They can identify issues and market shifts. This enables them to help companies rebrand before it is too late.

In addition to keeping an eye on the competition, a commercial printing services provider will identify branding weaknesses and help remedy them without losing consistency.

Rebranding does not always mean a complete reinvention of a brand. Sometimes it requires a few key changes and updates. These include replacing an aging business sign or launching a local leaflet campaign to recapture a share of the market.

Internal and External Branding

While rebranding aims to adjust the brand for maximum impact to customers, partners, and suppliers, there is also another aspect that is often overlooked.

Branding also affects a company internally. The first audience of a brand identity is the employees of a company. Rebranding offers excellent opportunities to harmonize internal performance and set clear goals.

Employees are in constant contact with the brand through interior signage, branded stationery and every other immediately recognizable branding effort. They are the first to experience any change that happens in a company’s physical space.

A company offering commercial printing services will ensure that internal branding efforts are consistent and efficient.

Internal branding can generate fun and excitement internally, boosting productivity. Rebranding can also be the ideal leverage to improve corporate culture, beyond just new logos and cosmetic changes.

Rebranding Done Right

A company’s brand identity is their face in the market. A proper brand can convey a powerful message about a company’s offerings and why it stands out from the competition.

Internal designers and marketers often understand the steps required for a successful rebranding. But most companies lack the resources to achieve that efficiently.

A trustworthy commercial printing services provider can offer companies the know-how and technical expertise for successful rebranding. With decades of collective branding and logo design experience, a trusted printing services partner can take care of all technical aspects of rebranding.

Digital printing on a commercial scale is beyond the capabilities of most small and medium sized companies. A commercial printing services partner can empower companies for a successful rebranding.

Rebranding doesn’t have to expensive or risky. Companies just need the right partner for the job.

What’s more crucial is that a printing services partner will also identify market opportunities and point companies towards a leaner brand identity.

When it comes to branding, less is often more, and a clean and direct branding identity can save a company from obscurity.

7 Responses so far.

  1. Ken Snyder says:

    Direct Mail can still be quite effective even if some people think that it’s kinda obsolete nowadays with everything going digital. If the minimum response rate is 5.3% and a max of 33%, that’s really a good gamble in my opinion.

  2. Albert says:

    The right mix of online branding and prints will definitely get the job done. What a lot of companies today think is that prints are just a waste of time and money. Well, I think they’re wrong.

  3. Vicki says:

    Your company’s brand can definitely affect your audience’s perception towards your business. Investing in a good branding campaign can skyrocket your business through the roof, if done right.

  4. Dorothy says:

    Rebranding is a big decision to make for any company out there, it doesn’t matter what size or what type of business it is. It’s true that printed types of advertisements have a different “touch” to your target audience than online ads. Ads in the web are really annoying when placed terribly. So, have a good mix of the two if you want your rebranding to be successful.

  5. Irene Davis says:

    There are a ton of companies that failed in their rebranding venture. In my opinion, announcing it via prints can really be helpful. It sticks to the minds of audiences better than other marketing strategies. Great tips.

  6. Cynthia Jones says:

    Rebranding is one of the most difficult tasks to accomplish because one wrong move can burn off your lifetime’s investment into flames. But it’s manageable if you know what you’re doing. Using print ads to accomplish this task is your best bet, while still making use of online ads. It’s a proven marketing strategy that our grandfathers used centuries ago, but it still works efficiently today.

  7. Elenor Bennett says:

    If you do your rebranding in a wrong way, you can lose all the trust and popularity that you have built for years for your business. But it can also help you adapt through the changes that’s happening in the market. Commercial prints can help you a lot in this challenge and I think it’s quite a good way to start things off.

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