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Using our custom designed advertising materials will boost the “muscle” of your advertising campaigns. Our commercial printing, variable data printing, and specialty teams can help make the most of your next direct mail piece or print campaign.

With over 100 years of combined experience, our professional staff offers you the expertise and perspective to handle whatever job you need to have done. Borns Group offers a Perfect Blend of high capacity and flexibility for any quantity, format, color combination, stitching and binding requirements. From simple to sophisticated, we match your project with the appropriate technology to get it done with speed, precision and quality.

All businesses need access to quality printing services, along with the guidance and expertise that a reputable commercial printing company can offer. Together with a well-designed logo, your marketing literature is the public face of your company. It’s your visual identity that will increase your company’s credibility, and allow you to connect with your customers on an emotional level.

Personalized Letterhead

Communication is vital in every aspect of business, so personalized letterheads are particularly useful for smaller companies. With personalized letterheads, your name and company logo appears in the contact area and header of each document you mail out – giving the impression that you have a team supporting you. This makes it easier to secure bigger contracts from customers who want assurance that, should anything happen to you, their project will be in safe hands.


Flyers are a popular and proven marketing material. These full page marketing prints can be given away to potential customers, to boost your brand awareness. As well as being affordable, lightweight and easy to design, flyers offer plenty of scope for creativity.

Distinctive flyers will highlight your desired marketing message, such as an open day or sale, effectively. Usually, they are 8.5X11 or 8.5X14 in size, then fold down to letter size and can be printed on both sides, to give you additional space to convey your message.


Postcards are versatile and inexpensive to print, making them ideal marketing tools. In just one mailshot, you can secure repeat business from your existing customers and seek business from potential customers. Even better, postcards do not necessarily have to be mailed out. You can use them as small information sheets, or as oversized business cards.


Marketing brochures provide more room for product and company information, compared to print items like magazine and newspaper advertisements. Even basic trifold designs allow for colorful front pages, and five individual areas for service and product information.

You can incorporate a story into the layout of your brochure, and conclude with a marketing pitch. Discount deals and coupons with special offers can be included too, which often result in immediate business.

Borns Group, being a leading commercial printing company, can help you with every aspect of your printed materials, including design, illustrations, typeface, paper options and font colors. In conjunction with our mailing and marketing expertise, we can serve as a convenient ‘one stop shop’ for all of your company’s communication requirements.

Leave your commercial printing and marketing to us, and join our ever growing list of satisfied customers, who are enjoying an increased response rate to their advertising for an affordable price.