Commercial Mail Receiving Agencies

cardboard delivery boxes - Commercial Mail Receiving Agencies

People have more mail delivery options than ever before. One of them is the use of commercial mail receiving agencies. These private entities have proven to be popular thanks to their utility and benefits.

How CMRAs Operate

Commercial mail receiving agencies provide their customers with an alternative address that can be used to get expected deliveries. These customers could be individuals or businesses that would like to have a buffer when it comes to shipments. Once the package is in the possession of the CMRA, the recipients can drop by to get it or arrange for a delivery.

The Difference from PO Boxes

Post office boxes are under the supervision of the national postal service. They maintain lockable box facilities in stations across the country. Each of these has its own unique number for easy identification within the system. CMRAs, on the other hand, are private entities that provide an actual street address to their customers.

Reasons Why People Use a CMRA

1. Privacy

Those who would like to keep their real address hidden from the public to maintain their privacy can depend on CMRAs. For example, a person might by running a business from home. It might be prudent to use a different address for business transactions to prevent unwanted visitors. This also keeps personal and commercial communications separate.

2. Economy

There are also cases wherein this strategy could provide financial advantages. For example, shipping across borders can be quite expensive because of additional taxes. Businesses that are situated near the boundary could reduce costs by having items shipped to a local CMRA. They will be able to enjoy domestic rates and simply pick up the parcels at their convenience.

3. Prestige

An office address within the commercial district will give a business an instant boost in stature. It makes the business look more professional. However, renting even a small unit can be quite expensive. A CMRA can be used as an alternative when business contacts need to send mail and parcels.

Concerns with CMRA

The efficiency at which these service providers operate will vary. Some might be quick in dealing with parcels, while others are slower than the regular postal service. The fees will also differ.

Fraud is another concern among authorities. Unscrupulous individuals are using these alternate addresses in online deception and identity theft. Regulations have been introduced to prevent CMRAs from being used in these activities.

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