5 Print Marketing Materials That Leave an Impression

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Do you think print marketing is dead?

Think again.

It’s actually been found that 56% of all consumers trust print marketing more than any other advertising method – and that’s a pretty substantial chunk.

If you want to take advantage of print marketing to build trust and drive sales, you need to choose the right print marketing materials.

To get your print marketing campaign off to a great start, we’re sharing five of the most effective options below.

Ready to design some awesome materials?

Let’s do this.

1. Direct Mail Postcards

A whopping 70% of Americans believe that direct mail is more personal than online marketing, so sending out postcards is a great way to make an impression on potential customers.

But why postcards?

Well, while brochures, flyers, and leaflets can be sent in the mail, they typically stand out as ‘junk’ and get thrown in the trash right away.

When you send a high-quality postcard with an attractive design, it stands out from the pile and is more likely to be looked at by the recipient.

Since postcards are typically sent by family and friends, it’s also a great way to build a stronger personal connection with the customer.

Designing postcards which look good in their own right is a really smart move, and the recipient may even choose to display your mail. This is a sure sign that your brand appeals to them.

When it comes to sending postcards, an awesome design combined with a personal messages is a winning combo.

2. Product Catalogs

Maybe you’re thinking, “Why bother with a catalog when all my products are available online?”

Think again.

Product catalogs are an excellent way to get attention and ensure that customers actually get around to browsing your goods.

It’s so easy to plan to visit a website and then forget, but it’s difficult to ignore a catalog that’s physically in front of you.

The type of catalog you create can also go a long way towards strengthening your brand image. For example, if you’re selling luxury products, a catalog printed on glossy paper with high-quality, bold printing is a great option.

If you’re trying to promote an eco-friendly brand, then a catalog made using recycled paper and non-toxic inks are ideal.

Your catalog is the perfect way to get your products right in front of customers, without them having to visit your website or store.

Go a step further than your competitors and you’re sure to see results.

3. Creative Stickers

Want to show that your brand is bold, modern, and innovative?

You need to invest in creative stickers.

Creating stickers to place around your local area is a great way to generate hype around your brand. Popular guerilla stickering campaigns have included stickers which make subtle changes to street signs and notices.

If your ambitions are bigger, you could create a worldwide sticker campaign, sending stickers to international customers and encouraging them to place them – responsibly – around their local area.

If you get it right, your campaign could go viral, generating loads of valuable brand awareness.

Stickers don’t have to be placed in public – you could create branded stickers for customers to place on their own possessions, like laptops and phones.

If your brand already has a loyal fanbase, this is a great way to turn customers into brand ambassadors. If your brand is still up-and-coming, you’ll need to work harder to create stickers that customers want to use.

Many print companies offer branded stickers as an add-on to other products, like postcards, so it’s worth making a small investment to see whether or not they work for you.

4. Business Cards

Business cards – they’re an oldie but a goodie.

If you regularly attend events, trade at fairs and markets, or run pop-ups, having a stack of business cards at the ready is essential.

Someone passing by might love your brand, but they’ll quickly forget about you without a physical reminder. Create a business card that explains what your brand does in simple language, with an eye-catching design.

Similar to catalogs, business cards can be designed to effectively communicate your brand values.

For a fun, youthful brand, you might go for loads of bright colors, shiny fonts, and special features, like glitter. For a traditional company, a black and white theme on weighty paper would work better.

Be sure to spend some time designing the perfect business card, and don’t be afraid to order a few prototypes if you can’t decide.

5. Company Brochures

How can you give customers a clear overview of what you do, without overwhelming them with tons of information?

Company brochures are the perfect solution.

Forget homemade-looking brochures thrown together in Microsoft Word, and start looking at creating professional print marketing materials.

The right print marketing company will ask your for a basic summary of what your company does, assets like your logo, font, and color scheme, and create a beautiful, high-quality brochure.

You might choose to include your most popular products and services, details on your brand values, directions to your store, or profiles of your team members.

You know your business best, so be sure to include your unique selling points.

It’s also easy to tie brochures to your online presence by including QR codes that link to your site, listing your social media handles, and encouraging readers to follow you on Facebook and Twitter.

Why Invest in Print Marketing Materials for Your Business?

It’s easy to get caught up in online marketing and let investment in print marketing materials fall to the side.

However, that’s a big mistake.

Print marketing materials are highly effective when it comes to building trust, improving your reputation, and getting potential customers to remember you.

There are loads of print marketing options, from stickers and postcards to catalogs and brochures.

Since print is so versatile, it’s easy to make it work for your unique brand – whether you’re selling luxury clothing or discount gardening tools.

Want more details on using print materials to promote your business? Check out our website today.

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