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Monthly Archives: October 2017

Personalized Marketing Using Variable Data Printing

What Is Variable Data Printing? Also known as variable imaging and variable-information printing, VDP is a high-tech method for generating customized marketing materials. A designer creates a single document that is then personalized for the recipient by changing certain items in the layout. The variable items come from spreadsheets or databases that have personal customer […]

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Why Direct Mail Solutions Are More Effective Than Ever Before

Is direct mail marketing dead? Not even close. Even in this digital age, it’s thriving and more powerful than ever. A study showed that 70-80% of people are opening all of their mail, including “junk mail”. The same study states that 79% of people will take action right away, after opening their mail. Great odds, […]

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The Solution to Running a Successful Direct Mail Campaign

So you have a product or service that you want to offer to a target audience? You can print flyers and put them on people’s cars. But that’s tedious, not environment-friendly, and ineffective. Or maybe you can use the power of the Postal Service and do a direct mail campaign. Hold that thought. A direct […]

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