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Monthly Archives: August 2017

Advertising Solutions through Direct Mail

What Are Direct Mail Services? Direct marketing refers to advertising efforts that serve the purpose of directly speaking to targeted consumers. The thing about direct mail services is that it should not be limited to plain old letters, as there are different kinds of advertising media that companies can send via snail mail. There are […]

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How Commercial Printing Services Can Help You Rebrand

Branding can make or break any business. If a company does not adopt a consistent branding image, then whatever image they were going for will probably get lost in obscurity. When it comes to rebranding, companies should pay extra attention to the steps involved. But when is it time to rebrand, and what is involved? […]

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Printing – Past, Present, and Future

What is Printing? A standard dictionary definition of the word printing will basically refer to the production of printed material namely magazines, books, and the like. Nowadays it actually means a bit more than just producing text. The process of printing today involves the production of images as well as text. The original media that […]

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