10 Reasons to Use Commercial Printing for Your Direct Mail Marketing

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10 Reasons to Use Commercial Printing in Mail Marketing

Direct mail marketing is far from dead! You need to incorporate it in your business plan and using commercial printing is the smartest way to get it done.

While so many businesses rush to the Internet, those who invest in direct mail marketing reap all of the rewards.

Research shows that 42% of direct mail pieces get scanned or read, while only 7% of online ads get scanned. The average click through rate (CTR) for an online ad is even less, at 2%.

Direct mail marketing is the way to get noticed, be remembered and turn prospects into customers.

Commercial printing and direct mail marketing go hand in hand for those achieving top results.

Let’s explore why.

Brand Awareness

It may not seem tech-savvy or modern, but direct mail works. And as many of your competitors turn to digital solutions, your ability to get attention through this channel increases.

Brand awareness soars. Your target customers actually see you here even if your Twitter page gets completely ignored on the Internet.

Commercial printing can help you send the right message and get noticed because they have the expertise and skills to send the right message in direct mail setting.

Maximize Exposure

Consumers are becoming masters at ignoring most traditional ads like TV commercials and radio. Most don’t read a lot of newspapers or magazines, so you can’t really reach there either.

And now digital ads join the mix of most ignored forms of advertisement. But consumers have clear cues that help them decide whether to open or view a piece of mail. They may see:

  • Their name
  • Handwriting
  • Colors they like
  • A vivid image
  • A message that intrigues them

And because they’re in the process of walking back from the mailbox, you actually have a minute or two of undivided attention.

Not so, on the Internet where they can just swipe that when it doesn’t interest them.

Commercial printers can maximize your exposure by triggering these responses in consumers. This isn’t easy to do with less versatile in house printing.

Top of Mind

More touch points with a customer mean more opportunities to stay top of mind. When a customer is ready to make a purchase, they have an offer or coupon in hand.

Dynamic direct mail pieces will cause consumers to hesitate to recycle your direct mail piece. They hold onto the piece longer and continue to be reminded about your brand.

Stand Out

Your direct mail ads can be bright colors or seem more discreet. But the important thing is that through commercial printing you can stand out among the crowd of other mail pieces.

Commercial printing companies have the resources to really make your direct mail pop in a sea of bills and franchise fast food coupons.

Some commercial printing companies offer graphic design services to help you create a direct mail brand identity. They can help you expand your reach by creating compelling direct mail pieces that will get noticed and be remembered.

70%-80% of consumers will open a piece of “junk mail” that looks interesting even though they know it’s an advertisement. Only 40% of people will open an email.

Reach Everyone

Contrary to popular belief, everyone doesn’t have the Internet. They’re not all browsing on their smart phones and paying through Google Wallet.

Direct mail allows you to reach people who live in areas where they can’t get broadband. Plus you reach those who just haven’t gotten on board with the Internet regardless of where they live.

Commercial printing can help you reach the right audience with the right message regardless of the demographic.

Something to Hold On To

This is actually two fold.

For one, the ability to physically touch something makes it seem more real. Being real to customers is very important to consumers.

It sends a message. You really exist. You’re not a fly-by-night online business. You’re there for them now and into the future.

Direct mail also gives you an opportunity to give prospective customers something meaningful like a mini-wallet calendar that they’ll keep for the year or a textured piece of mail that they’ll want touch.

Cost Effective

You may be thinking that you can save money by printing in house. But when you add up the costs of in house printing, commercial printing makes much more sense.

Costs to consider with in house printing:

  • Equipment purchase
  • Equipment that may sit unused in between jobs
  • Equipment wear and tear
  • Ink
  • Electricity
  • Labor (wages plus benefits)
  • Materials
  • Oopses … because the equipment, ink and materials tend to be less reliable and staff less accustomed to huge print jobs, mistakes are more common. That’s a lot of wasted labor and materials.

Time Efficient

Commercial printing companies can handle the big jobs. They have the equipment and systems in place to meet deadlines.

Because their people are experts, they know how to get large jobs done fast without sacrificing quality.

Better Quality

Commercial printers are precise. They have quality controls in place. They don’t let shoddy work leave the shop. And because of their attention to detail, mistakes are much less common.

These printers will get it right the first time, so that you can show your best face to your client.

Reduced Mailing Costs

Commercial printing companies can slash your mailing costs by providing economical mailing solutions that save you time and money while getting the word out.

How you mail is as important as what you mail in direct mail marketing. Printers can handle the job from concept to design to reaching the consumer’s hand.

Commercial Printing and Direct Mail Marketing Go Hand in Hand

Direct mail works. Working with a commercial printer can help you maximize your exposure and send the right message with your advertisements.

You need a printer who can handle everything for you: graphic design, printing and mailing. That’s less for you to worry about while it saves you time and money.

When you work with the right printer, you know that you’ll get top quality on time and on budget.

To learn more about how we can help you get the most out of your direct mail budget to reach the most customer and get best results, contact Borns Group today to get a fast quote.

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  1. Jacquelyn says:

    These two strategies definitely goes hand in hand. A complete complement to each other. Just make sure the company that you hire is really good at what they are doing.

  2. William Paul says:

    If you really want to amp up your game, there is no question that you should use high quality commercial printing for your direct mail marketing. Good visuals can stay longer in the mind of your target audiences.

  3. Marion says:

    For me, the most important reason why the use of direct mail is still popular in this digital age today is because it reaches out to your target audience like no other marketing strategy. Effective design is a must, if you really want to succeed with this method.

  4. Kevin London says:

    Make sure that you hire a good printing company when you do direct mail, to ensure the quality and efficacy of your printed materials. Direct mail, being one of the most efficient ways to reach out to your target audience, when matched with high-quality printing, is a surefire recipe for success.

  5. Chris says:

    The effectiveness of direct mailing depends mainly on the quality of the printing and the message behind it. Hiring a good commercial printing company is the logical thing to do. I definitely agree on these points.

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